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The job outlook for roofers according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics is 11% growth through the year 2026.

Roofers and waterproofers perform many jobs:

  • Applying hot built-up roofing

  • Applying single-ply roofing

  • Installing shingle, tile and slate roofs

  • Waterproofing foundations and plazas

  • Lining ponds and tanks





Roofers work on a variety of types of buildings, protecting those facilities against water damage to the structure and it contents. Roofing in the commercial and industrial sector is generally of the built-up type or the single-ply category. In built-up roofing, layers of felt are set in hot bitumen over insulation boards to form a waterproof membrane. A separate category of Roofing is the modified bitumen system that may be applied with hot bitumen or torched-on with high-intensity propane burners. Another type of roofing is the residential type, although these applications can also be done in the commercial and industrial sector as well. They include composition shingles, slate, tile, and metal rods.

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